Walking tour in Krakow Jewish Quarter & Ghetto

High Synagogue in Krakow

Private Tour with a local expert 

Welcome to Krakow’s Jewish district of Kazimierz! This historic area has been a hub of Jewish life for centuries and is full of fascinating stories and sites. Learn about the rich history of the Jews in Poland and see first-hand what makes this such a special place.

Discover the historic Jewish district of Krakow on a walking tour. Kazimierz for centuries was seen as the Jewish capital city of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Kazimierz was home to world-famous Rabbis including the most famous one – Moses ben Israel Isserles known as Remu. The unique architecture along with charming restaurants and historical significance all add to the extraordinary atmosphere of Kazimierz. Old Synagogue and Remu Cemetery are some of the oldest in Central Europe. The famous Szeroka Street hosts the biggest Jewish Festival in Europe.

Testimonials: If all your guides are as good as Sev your training programme must be excellent. He was so personable, knowledgable friendly & above all passionate about his job. He went over & beyond what we expected from the tour. I cannot praise & thank him enough for explaining the history of the wonderful city of Krakov.

Walking tour in Krakow Jewish quarter – an important history lesson

The Walking tour in Krakow is also an important history lesson about World War II, featured in Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List film. The old Jewish ghetto in the Podgórze district is associated with this turbulent period. Kazimierz district also tells the story of brave and devoted people who in the darkness of the Second World War risked their own lives to help the Jewish dwellers of the Ghetto. Tadeusz Pankiewicz (Eagle Pharmacy) and Oskar Schindler (Enamel Factory) were the most important heroes. All of them risked their own lives to help thousands of people.

Walking tour in Krakow's Jewish Quarter

A guided tour of the Jewish Kazimierz is a fascinating adventure, during which you will visit one of the most beautiful districts of Krakow. You will be able to visit places related to the Schindler’s List movie and hear some fascinating stories about World War II. During the tour, you will see the most important monuments associated with the Krakow Jewish community. 

Jewish graveyard and Krakow guide in Kazimierz

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the old streets of beautiful Kazimierz and feel the unique charm of the Jewish city. The Jewish quarter tour is a fascinating and unforgettable adventure!


  • Explore one of the most beautiful Jewish cities in Europe with a credited history teacher
  • Visit sites related to the film “Schindler’s List”
  • See the Jewish Ghetto area
  • Hear inspiring stories from the Second World War
  • Go to the district of Zabłocie where Oskar Schindler’s factory is located

Walking tour in Krakow Jewish Quarter & Ghetto includes

The Old Synagogue, Szeroka Street, Józefa Street, Remuh Synagogue and Cemetery, Helena Rubinstein’s house, defensive wall, the Isaac Synagogue, High Synagogue, Ghetto wall, the Ghetto Heroes Square, Tadeusz Pankiewicz’s Pharmacy, Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory.

2 hours (approx.)

What’s Included
  • Private guided walking tour
  • English-speaking guide

Rates – including tax
1000 zloties* per group (including 23 % VAT Tax): 1-4 participants – 2 hours

1350 zloties per group (including 23 % VAT Tax): 1-4 participants – 3 hours

Each additional hour: 350 zloties 

Starting time (tours operate in all weather conditions)
11:00 AM / 1:00 PM

Meeting point: Szeroka 24, Old Synagogue, 33-332 Kraków


*The booking system applies a 6% fee for payments made with cards. However, if you choose to pay me directly (please send a message), there will be no additional charge.



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