Polish cuisine

Visiting Krakow for the first time? Would you like to try Polish cuisine while avoiding “tourist traps”? You’ve come to the right place! Especially for you, I’m starting to write reviews of the best Krakow restaurants serving Polish cuisine. This article is part of a series of texts devoted to Krakow’s restaurants. I visit and test all of them personally “incognito” :-).

The first fire goes to “Pod Nosem” Restaurant located on 22 Kanonicza Street (next to the Wawel Castle). It is located in a tenement house from the beginning of the XIV century. What immediately hits the eye is the intimacy of the place. The rooms are really small. There are only a few tables in them.

What can be eaten in the restaurant? The menu is really minimalistic. It is divided into four parts: starters, first courses, main courses, and desserts. In each category only a few items to choose from. For those who like simplicity and don’t like to flip a dozen or so cards (I count myself in this group), this is a very good arrangement.

My “plate”

After placing an order as a “starter” we received an appetizer together with a basket of fresh bread.

The buns themselves (with nigger and rosemary) are baked on-site in the restaurant. The bread is served warm and is mega delicious! Friends tasted so much that they ordered a second portion 🙂

The bread was served on a small plate of Polish “salceson” (a brawn), small cucumber, and sprouts. In addition, pumpkin seed oil (pressed on the spot).

I haven’t had a chance to try such an “exotic” combination of “salceson” yet, but I must admit that it really tasted.

During the visit we ordered it:

– First course: a cooler (12 PLN), it had beautiful colors and had a refreshing and energizing aftertaste. The chanterelle soup (24 PLN) had a distinct taste of mushrooms. Everything was fresh and tasty. There was really nothing to stick to.

– Main course: Russian dumplings (21 PLN), nicely served on a plate, not bad in taste, although I have to admit that I ate better in Krakow. I was better impressed with peasant noodles with stew and oscypek (Polis smoked cheese, 29 PLN) served in a ceramic bowl. The meat was very delicate, and a very interesting sauce with a distinctive taste.

– Dessert: delicious homemade ice cream (15 PLN) with lavender and blueberry flavor! For lavender fans, it is obligatory 🙂 In addition, a cheesecake with white chocolate (15 PLN), tasty, especially should taste white chocolate’s funs.

– Drinks: I tried home wine (15 PLN /150 ml), good taste, has a good price/quality ratio. However, the name “home wine” may be misleading, because it is not local wine, but Argentinean. I also ordered wine from Krakow’s Srebrna Góra 2018 (30 PLN /150 ml) vineyard. Here, quite a disappointment. The wine is not only expensive, but above all, it strongly disappoints in taste. I do not recommend it. Better choose a proven Polish brand Solaris. 

To sum up. A visit to the restaurant “Pod nosem” is a nice culinary experience. It is worth to come here. In addition, the building has a medieval cellar, where you can taste the liquors. And on the very top, there is a beautiful apartment (100 m2!) equipped with Jacuzzi, from which you can admire the Wawel Castle. It is worth asking the waiter to show you both of these places.

ASSESSMENT: I recommend


After the visit in the restaurant, I invite you for a tour of Krakow 🙂

Źródło pierwszego zdjęcia przedstawiającego restaurację: https://www.kanonicza22.com/pl/galeria