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Welcome to my website. I invite you to visit beautiful Krakow together with me. If you searched in Google for the keyword:  Krakow guide, you came to the right place. I have been professionally guiding in Krakow since 2015. By education, I am a history teacher and journalist. I specialize in the history of Christianity and Messianic Judaism. My passion is also geopolitics.

I am a licensed guide in Krakow and an official member of the Federation of Tourist Guide Associations in Krakow. I am also a licensed guide in the Oskar Schindler’s Factory.

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I have personally guided over three thousand people in Krakow. Each person is very precious to me and I consider it a privilege that we could meet during our guided tours in Krakow. I hope that I will be able to meet you in our beautiful city. I finished Bible school in Sweden (Uppsala) and a few months of Bible course in Israel (Jerusalem). Currently, I am finishing my doctoral studies at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow. Next year I plan to defend my dissertation on the history of Messianic Jews.  

Privately I live in Krakow together with my beautiful wife Anna.

Krakow's guide Seweryn guiding in Schindler Factory Krakow tour guide Seweryn is guiding people in Jewish Kazimierz

Below you can read about my academic achievements:

Academic articles:

– “Messianic Passover in Krakow – history and development of the initiative” in “Nurt SVD” (ISSN 1233-9717) no. 2, 2019

– “Christian-Messianic Dialogue” in “Library of Ecumeny and Dialogue” (WN UPJPII) 2018: Lukasz Kamykowski (ed.), “Krakow theological dialogue – an attempt at a balance sheet”

– “Loyal Citizens or Traitors to the Nation? Messianic Jews in Relation to the State of Israel,” in Horizons of Politics

– “Contemporary Messianic Jewish Movement: historical outline and beliefs” in “Perspektywy Kultury”

– “The Role of Biblical Texts in the Messianic Jewish Movement in the Context of Its Relationship with Christianity”. Polish Academy of Learning, Kraków. Publishing series: “Monographs of the Ethnographic Commission”.


  1. The role of biblical texts in the Messianic Jewish movement – PAU national conference,, From scroll to e-book” – 16.10.2018 Krakow
  2. The Church in relation to the Messianic Jews – national conference of the UŚ Between the Chair and the Chair – 4.04.2019 Katowice
  3. Historical outline of the Messianic Jewish movement in the context of dialogue with the Christian world – international conference UPJP2 ,, Traditions and customs in cultures and religions” – 12.04.2019 Kraków
  4. Messianic Passover in Krakow – history and development of the movement – UPJP2 national conference Share and Inspire – 15.05.2019 Krakow
  5. Israeli Law of Return and Messianic Jews – national conference: Polihistor – 17.04-19.04.2020 Katowice
  6. Messianic Jews’ attitude towards the state of Israel – national conference: National Scientific Conference “Science and Young Researchers” IV edition – 6.06.2020 Łódź
  7. An outline of Messianic-Jewish religiosity and customs in the 21st century – international conference: Modern trends in scientific research – 23.06.2020 Stalowa Wola
  8. Messianic Jewish prayer service – national conference: Omnibus V – 10.-11.09.2020 Kraków
  9. The Church in the post-conciliar dialogue with Judaism and Messianic Jews – Interdisciplinary Conference “ALFA I OMEGA CZ. II” – 15.03-16.03.2021 Krakow 
  10. Catholic Church in dialogue with Messianic Jews – international conference: 6th Annual International Symposium on Religion & Theology – 24.05 to 27.05. 2021 Athens 

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