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Welcome to my website. I invite you to visit beautiful Krakow together with me. If you searched in the Google for the keyword:  Krakow guide, you came to the right place. I have been professionally guiding in Krakow since 2015. By education I am a history teacher and journalist. I specialize in the history of Christianity and Messianic Judaism. My passion is also geopolitics.

I am a licensed guide in Krakow and official member of the Federation of Tourist Guide Associations in Krakow. I am also licensed guide in the Oskar Schindler’s Factory.


I have personally guided over three thousand people in Krakow. Each person is very precious to me and I consider it a privilege that we could meet during our guided tours in Krakow. I hope that I will be able to meet with you in our beautiful city. I finished Bible school in Sweden (Uppsala) and a few months of Bible course in Israel (Jerusalem). Currently I am finishing my doctoral studies at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow. Next year I plan to defend my dissertation on the history of Messianic Jews.  

Privately I live in Krakow together with my beautiful wife Anna.

Seweryn-guiding-in-Schindler-Factory Krakow Guide Seweryn is guiding people in Jewish Kazimierz

Below you can read about my academic achievements:

Academic articles:

– “Messianic Passover in Krakow – history and development of the initiative” in “Nurt SVD” (ISSN 1233-9717) no. 2, 2019

– “Christian-Messianic Dialogue” in “Library of Ecumeny and Dialogue” (WN UPJPII) 2018: Lukasz Kamykowski (ed.), “Krakow theological dialogue – an attempt at a balance sheet”

– “Loyal Citizens or Traitors to the Nation? Messianic Jews in Relation to the State of Israel,” in Horizons of Politics

– “Contemporary Messianic Jewish Movement: historical outline and beliefs” in “Perspektywy Kultury”

– “The Role of Biblical Texts in the Messianic Jewish Movement in the Context of Its Relationship with Christianity”. Polish Academy of Learning, Kraków. Publishing series: “Monographs of the Ethnographic Commission”.


  1. The role of biblical texts in the Messianic Jewish movement – PAU national conference ,,From scroll to e-book” – 16.10.2018 Krakow
  2. The Church in relation to the Messianic Jews – national conference of the UŚ Between the Chair and the Chair – 4.04.2019 Katowice
  3. Historical outline of the Messianic Jewish movement in the context of dialogue with the Christian world – international conference UPJP2 ,,Traditions and customs in cultures and religions” – 12.04.2019 Kraków
  4. Messianic Passover in Krakow – history and development of the movement – UPJP2 national conference Share and Inspire – 15.05.2019 Krakow
  5. Israeli Law of Return and Messianic Jews – national conference: Polihistor – 17.04-19.04.2020 Katowice
  6. Messianic Jews’ attitude towards the state of Israel – national conference: National Scientific Conference “Science and Young Researchers” IV edition – 6.06.2020 Łódź
  7. An outline of Messianic-Jewish religiosity and customs in the 21st century – international conference: Modern trends in scientific research – 23.06.2020 Stalowa Wola
  8. Messianic Jewish prayer service – national conference: Omnibus V – 10.-11.09.2020 Kraków
  9. The Church in the post-conciliar dialogue with Judaism and Messianic Jews – Interdisciplinary Conference “ALFA I OMEGA CZ. II” – 15.03-16.03.2021 Krakow 
  10. Catholic Church in a dialogue with Messianic Jews – international conference: 6th Annual International Symposium on Religion & Theology – 24.05 to 27.05. 2021 Athens 

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