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Private tour: Krakow Wawel Cathedral

Welcome to the Wawel Cathedral, a place which had witnessed over a thousand years of history. It was here where coronations of Polish kings and most important ceremonies in the country took place. In this place Jesus told Queen Hedwig to bring Christianity to Lithuania. The crypts of the cathedral are the burial place of royal dynasties: the Piasts, the Jagiellons and the Vasa. The Cathedral has 19 chapels each one of them has its own unique history.

The Cathedral Tower hosts the majestic King Sigismund’s Bell. This special Bell has a special significance for Poles, as it proclaimed the most important events in the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth for hundreds of years.

Guided tour includes:
The medieval Wawel Cathedral with the Zygmunt Tower and the Royal Tombs.

1 hour 30 minutes (approx.)

Rates – including tax
250 zł* (number of persons: 1-7)

*Excluded admission to Sigismund Bell and Royal Tombs: regular 12 zł/person; concession 7 zł/person (students and seniors)

** If you need pick-up or drop-off service, please do not hesitate to contact me