Salt mines from Krakow

People in Wieliczka during Krakow Salt Mine tour

Wieliczka Salt Mine – guided tour

The mine has for centuries been used to extract huge deposits of salt. Because of its importance as a source of the country’s wealth it belonged to the most guarded places by the Polish kings.

During the salt mines from Krakow tour you will see one of the most important monuments in Poland. Over one million visitors from all over the world visit this unique place every year. It is a unique world class monument, as evidenced by its inclusion in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. The history of the mine dates back to the 13th century when deposits of rock salt were discovered and the salt mining in Wieliczka started.  The times of glory survived in the sixteenth and the first half of the 17th century when the mining crew had about 2000 people and the annual salt production in the mine was over 30,000 tons per year. In the 20th century the world’s first allergic sanatorium was built in the Salt Mine.

Chapel during Krakow Salt Mine tour
Salt Mine tour from Krakow

Immerse yourself in the amazing world of the old Salt Mine. Wieliczka is also conveniently located only a few kilometers from the center of Krakow.

Wieliczka entrance during Krakow Salt Mine tour
Salt Mine tour from Krakow

Salt mines from Krakow includes:

  • hotel/hostel pick-up
  • professional Museum guide
  • transportation by air conditioned minibus
  • hotel/hostel drop-off


  • 4 – 5 hours (approx.)

Rates – including tax

  • regular 189 zł / 44 EUR
  • student 165 zł / 41 EUR